We know that many dry cleaners have a bad reputation for harming the environment. We are trying to change that. Here at Prentice Dry Cleaning, we use the latest, environmentally friendly products to clean your garments without harming the environment. So, you can feel good about trusting us with your garment care.


We are committed to providing our premium service while protecting the environment. We are proudly PERC-free and use the latest generation of alternative dry cleaning solvents suitable for sensitive, high-quality textiles, without harming the environment. We provide customers with reusable bags for pick up and deliveries and recycle hangers brought back to us. All our processes and procedures are designed to ensure that your items are professionally cleaned with the environment in mind.

Our Services

We understand how much you love your clothes. From that one special piece to your entire collection, we meticulously care for your wardrobe and textiles That’s why each garment entrusted to our care is carefully inspected prior to cleaning to spot any repairs that may be needed and to ensure proper stain removal. Every item is hand-finished for a perfect result.

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